Complex Segment Learner

Complex Segment Learner

Ngbaka (Niger-Congo)

The Ngbaka simulation is described in the paper.
The corpus is from Henrix's (2015) Ngbaka-French dictionary and comprises 5,571 distinct lexical items. The dictionary was hand-entered into a text file; tones are not transcribed, but lexical items differing in tone alone are not collapsed into a single entry. Further description of the language can be found at the beginning of Maes's (1959) dictionary.
Note that the variety of Ngbaka discussed and analyzed in this paper is distinct from Ngbaka Ma'bo, the language described by Thomas (1963) and analyzed by Sagey (1986) (among many others). For more information on the relationship between these two languages, see Danis (2017:51-53).

Simulation data at a glance

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Simulation nameInitial state Learning DataInitial state features
only version LearningData.txt Features.txt

Simulation details for Ngbaka


LearningData.txt | Features.txt

Summary of iterations:

IterationLearning Data producedFeatures producedInseparabilityNew Segments addedSegments removed
1 LearningData.txt Features.txt [download] [view] kp, ɡb, mb, nd, nz, ŋɡ, ŋm, vw None
2 LearningData.txt Features.txt [download] [view] nw, ŋmɡb None
3 No new learning data No new features [download] [view] None None

Summary of inventory changes

StageConsonant set
Inputp t k b d ɡ ɓ ɗ m n ɲ ŋ f v s z l r w j h
Outputp t k b d ɡ ɓ ɗ m n ɲ ŋ f v s z l r w j h kp ɡb mb nd nz ŋɡ ŋm vw nw ŋmɡb

Simulation Plots