Complex Segment Learner

Complex Segment Learner

Modern Standard Hebrew (Semitic)

Hebrew is discussed in the paper briefly. The learner finds [ts] but not other complex segments. The status of [tʃ] and [dʒ] in Hebrew is not entirely clear; Bolozky (1980) discusses some arguments in favor of treating these foreign affricates as clusters.
The Hebrew dataset is the Living Lexicon of Hebrew Nouns by Michael Becker and Shmuel Bolozky. The transcriptions are original, with the only change being that we replaced affricate symbols with cluster transcriptions.

Simulation data at a glance

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Simulation nameInitial state Learning DataInitial state features
only version LearningData.txt Features.txt

Simulation details for Hebrew


LearningData.txt | Features.txt

Summary of iterations:

IterationLearning Data producedFeatures producedInseparabilityNew Segments addedSegments removed
1 LearningData.txt Features.txt [download] [view] ts None
2 No new learning data No new features [download] [view] None None

Summary of inventory changes

StageConsonant set
Inputp b f v k ɡ χ h t d s z ʃ ʒ m n ʁ l j w
Outputp b f v k ɡ χ h t d s z ʃ ʒ m n ʁ l j w ts

Simulation Plots