Complex Segment Learner

Complex Segment Learner

Modern Standard Greek (Indo-European)

The simulation is discussed in the paper in the section on phonetics. Greek [ts] and [dz] have been controversial and are the subject of many studies; see Arvaniti 2007 for a great overview of that literature. Our learner does not find any complex segments, supporting the view that [ts] and [dz] are clusters, just like [ps] and [ks] are in Greek.
The Greek corpus is a lemma list from the Corpus of Modern Greek. It was provided to us by Maxim Kisilier. The transcriptions were generated from orthography via a script available here.

Simulation data at a glance

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Simulation nameInitial state Learning DataInitial state features
only version LearningData.txt Features.txt

Simulation details for Greek


LearningData.txt | Features.txt

Summary of iterations:

IterationLearning Data producedFeatures producedInseparabilityNew Segments addedSegments removed
1 No new learning data No new features [download] [view] None None

Summary of inventory changes

StageConsonant set
Inputp t k c b g d j ç x ʝ f θ s v z ð ɣ m n ŋ ɲ ʎ l r
Outputp t k c b g d j ç x ʝ f θ s v z ð ɣ m n ŋ ɲ ʎ l r

Simulation Plots